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We carry a variety of skin care products in-house to help you achieve your skin care goals. Our lines include: Neogenesis, Osmosis, Zilis Ultracell CBD, and Ambre Blends. To learn more or to purchase, consultations and pickup appointments can be scheduled online. 


LimeLife by Alcone Beauty

We believe that true beauty is made up of inner confidence and outer radiance, and we’ve created LimeLife products with both in mind. You can trust that our Leaping Bunny-certified skin care products are free of harmful chemicals and full of organic ingredients that get results.

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NeoGenesis products help the skin re-balance and heal itself naturally, promoting skin that looks and feels more youthful through our patented “Next Generation” stem cell technology. The science enables NeoGenesis to harvest an array of molecules from multiple stem cell types. These molecules are the same molecules the skin produces in greater abundance when it is young and healthy, and when applied to aged, damaged skin return the skin to a healthier, more youthful state. 



Osmosis is a holistic skincare line developed and formulated by Dr. Ben Johnson, with the goal of changing the direction of skin care. It's skincare treats the skin with kindness, not harshness. Osmosis philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at the source restoring beauty and wellness.




Handcrafted to intrinsically blend with your body’s chemistry, Ambre Blends organic essences radiate a unique fragrance specific to you. The five all-natural essences are created with pure, organic, and natural vegan ingredients and are designed to be worn by both men and women.

Ambre Blends essences are available exclusively in-store. Please schedule a product pickup or consultation online to place your order.



Queen City Alchemy is a handcrafted skin care and herbal medicine line committed to providing the highest quality soaps, serums, balms and botanicals using ONLY safe, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients. Each ingredient serves a therapeutic purpose and ever uses fillers or other non-essential ingredients. 

We invite you to experience their passion for quality, beauty, honesty, and simplicity to bring balance and harmony to your life.


Mighty Patch

Got a pimple emergency? Mighty Patch helps battle those pesky pimples without harsh active ingredients or drying formulas.

Mighty Patch Acne Patches are made with the highest quality hydrocolloid, which is a fluid absorbing gel that draws out impurities from your pimple. This reduces blemish size, speeds up the healing process all while protecting your skin. 



Available exclusively from Zilis®, UltraCell™ is a full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich, and water soluble hemp oil. Zilis' team of experts delicately extracts the complete oil profile of certified USDA organic hemp to make every bottle of UltraCell®.

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Juice Plus


Juice Plus is concentrated nutrition from over 30+ fruits, veggies, and berries.  By providing the vitamins and phyto-nutrients from an array of concentrated fruits, vegetables, and berries, Juice Plus+ effectively delivers nutrition for skin health and improves skin microcirculation. 

It's a whole food nutritional product that can help to treat skin conditions on the cellular level - from the inside out. 


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